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1.0 GSSAM3510 GSSA3510
2.0 GSSAM3520 GSSA3520
3.0 GSSAM3530 GSSA3530
4.0 GSSAM3540 GSSA3540
5.0 GSSAM3550 GSSA3550
6.0 GSSAM3560 GSSA3560
ㆍPacking unit : Only abutment

1.0 GSSAM3510D GSSA3510D
2.0 GSSAM3520D GSSA3520D
3.0 GSSAM3530D GSSA3530D
4.0 GSSAM3540D GSSA3540D
5.0 GSSAM3550D GSSA3550D
6.0 GSSAM3560D GSSA3560D
ㆍUse for making stud-type overdenture
ㆍSuperior stability of retention force vs. O-ring
ㆍDalbo plus attachment components
   Housing(Ti) + internal lamella(Gold alloy)
   Duplicate aid (plastic)
ㆍRecover the retention force through internal lamella
   rotation (clockwise) using a special-purpose driver
ㆍMaximum path compensation of 20˚
ㆍUse an O-ring abutment driver
ㆍPacking unit : Abutment + Dalbo plus attachments
ㆍTightening torque: 30 Ncm

* Due to a mix of specifications(Mini/Regular) will occur wrong connection.
  Always verify the exactness of the connection by taking an x-ray after the final
  connection of theabutment..

Code RCS01
ㆍPacking unit : Retainer cap + O-ring

Code RS01
ㆍMore advantageous for smaller occlusal gap compared
   to a retainer cap
ㆍPacking unit : Retainer + O-ring

Code OAON01S
ㆍPacking unit : O-ring piece

Code OAL
ㆍMake oral O-ring abutments on the working model
ㆍPacking unit : Lab analog