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1.5 Hex GSFAM4015
Non-Hex GSFAM4015N
3.0 Hex GSFAM4030
Non-Hex GSFAM4030N
EbonyGold Screw GSABSM
1.5 Hex GSFA4015 GSFA5015 GSFA6015 GSFA7015
Non-Hex GSFA4015N GSFA5015N GSFA6015N GSFA7015N
3.0 Hex GSFA4030 GSFA5030 GSFA6030 GSFA7030
Non-Hex GSFA4030N GSFA5030N GSFA6030N GSFA7030N
EbonyGold Screw GSABSS
ㆍUse for the path adjustment of abutments or customization of prosthetic margin
ㆍ11° taper connection for excellent safety
ㆍGingival gold color for aesthetic effect
ㆍUse a 1.2 hex driver
ㆍPacking unit : Abutment + EbonyGold screw
ㆍTightening torque : 20 Ncm (mini), 30 Ncm (regular)
Order code
- Abutment + EbonyGold screw : Product code + WH
   (ex : GSFA5015WH)